What Hose Tights Are Acceptable Today?

Hose tights are still in their new package in your lingerie dresser drawer called unmentionables, but you are waiting for the right time to wear them out in public. You are worried if the young girls will snicker or the old ladies roll their eyes at the hosiery on your legs. Is this what you are thinking?

I sometimes forget the nervousness other females might feel when deciding when is the right time to wear hose tights with the present trend being bare legs, since everyone locally knows I wear hosiery with everything daily. Then the thought hit me, what is acceptable by the standards today so you can test the waters in your area.

Tights Hose Acceptable

• Black Opaque tights or pantyhose

• Footless tights

• Sheer black pantyhose

It goes without saying any hose tights in black are acceptable by females of all age groups with business wear, skirts, jean shorts, etc. They are classic and will never go out of style thank goodness.. So slip into a nice high end pair of Wolford Tights or if you need some extra help firming up those legs, Spanx high end waisted tights..your legs will demand attention the next time out in public.

Do not get the negative responses while out in public, it is a herd mentality to follow fashion. I have so many ladies when by their selves, will come up to me and ask what kind of pantyhose I have on and where can they get a pair. That is because I only purchase the high end hosiery made in Europe that can be found in high end department stores or on line in places like eBay. No one wants to be picked on for liking hosiery, so in groups you will not find anyone responding positively. Now with that being said, I get way more positive reactions than negative.

Next acceptable types of hosiery are the footless leggings in a variety of colors, with black again being the favorite and most noticed in public. Young women wear them with jean shorts and skirts, ladies layer them under long tops or sweaters. Just be careful as to how opaque they are, when picking out a sexy pair to wear out. I once saw a lady in a pair that were like a sheer black pair of support pantyhose, you could see her black thong underneath them….bless her heart! Hose tights or footless leggings must be opaque if that is the only accessory you are wearing on your legs.

Sheer shimmery off black pantyhose rock for evening events or special occasions with a companion. Is not it amazing if they are white, taupe of coffee you will get looks sometime from others, but if they are black or off black it is considered normal everyday wear, go figure!

“These pantyhose should only be worn with classic outfits such as the classic mini black evening gown and then watch the men eat out of your hand or should I say Stiletto? heehe…”

Just as Dolly Pardon does not worry about what others think of her wearing sexy outfits, platforms and hosiery…you should stop worrying what others think of you and make a statement by regularly wearing tights and pantyhose to show off those lovely legs of yours.

WARNING: “Did you not know that tights hose make average legs look hot, hot legs look awesome and awesome legs look stunning?” Then make your mind up and pick a pair out now tights hose.