Satin Robes

Before I go into Satin Robes, I want to start from the word Satin. Satin is called the way the fabric is formed using filament fibers of Silk, Nylon or Polyester, it is not the name of the natural fabric. So Satin is a type of glossy fabric made from Silk. Satin was made exclusively of silk at the beginning but now, satin is mostly now made with polyester, acetate, nylon and rayon which makes satin a less expensive fabric nowadays.

Satin was first invented in China and brought to Italy in the 12Th century, it became popular by the 14Th century among the England Kingdom and Europe because of its rich and smooth feel. And for decades Satin has kept its popularity for clothing in the forms of Robes, Satin Sleepwear, Satin Night Gowns and Satin Lingerie because of its unique smooth, sensational touch to the skin and sexy apparel.

When it comes to Satin and Silk Robes it is mostly preferred by women because of its beautiful and seductive look and being such a comfortable and useful dress wear for home. They can be found in big retail stores departments in variety models, sizes and colors. Today consumers mostly prefer buying them online because of its more reasonable prices, opportunity to choose from more variety selection and convenient of shopping from your home and getting your Satin Robe> delivered to you so basically it is just one click away.

When buying your robes you should consider that there are two different types of satin fabrics out there in the market: Satin and Sateen. But things can get confusing when shopping. They have different materials. The difference between satin and sateen fabric is quite simple. Sateen: is a glossy cloth made from 100% cotton and Satin is made with silk, rayon, acetate, nylon or other man-made fiber. You should make sure your robe is made of satin fabric not sateen fabric.

Satin is a very fragile fabric so when you want to clean your robes Dry Cleaning should be your first choice. If dry cleaning is not an option than you should select a mild detergent to wash it, there are specifically detergents to clean satin. You must wash your robe by hand gently, this is the safest method not to damage it. You need to wash it with cool or warm water in a large basin or bath tub. Before washing make sure you soak it with detergent 5 minutes. And after washing you have to rinse it properly with cold or cool water.

And best way to dry your robe is Air Drying and using dry clean towels. After washing lay the robe on a clean dry towel and roll the towel and squeeze gently out any water. Than repeat the same process with a new clean dry towel. After that you need to leave your robe to air drying in a cool spot away from sun light or heat. You should iron your robe very carefully. Ensure that you use a dry iron with no steam. And most important thing here is your iron should be set to low temperature. Use a thin cloth over your robe and iron top of it, not directly on your robe and don’t spend too much time on one spot to prevent any damage to your Satin Robe.