The Effects of Silk on the World’s Economy

Silk has been known for years to be an overwhelming economic impact on the world of finance in many ways, beginning with the China connection back one thousand years.

We know of many facets of financial woes because of this fine fabric. It may be because of the dynasty’s that have come to have a real say in the monetary value of silk, but we all know that many countries have had their hand in manufacturing this fabric. The economy of China has benefited largely from the sheer numbers of factories in the provinces of this Asian nation. At one time 28% of its gross domestic product was silk export. Up to half of Japans export was Silk at one time as well. Of course with many nations getting into the act of manufacturing this fine material, times have changed.

Widely known for its upper echelon clientele, silk, currently, has more average folks, purchasing clothes, made of silk now than ever before. In the United States, silk apparel poses a true threat to cotton, which for many years had a wide spread in the purchase of clothes. Silk exporters have many opportunities to sell western nations with our thirst for luxury. The USA imports 11 billion a year in silk and silk related material. Not to mention, silk is actually made in the USA as well currently. Most of it is what’s called NO KILL silk. This process is great because the moth is let out of the cocoon. The US is no match for manufacturing of silk, compared to the orient or India.

The US does, however lead the world in buying silk. It is closely estimated that the United States purchases 75% of the silk manufactured throughout the world. In the case of charmeuse silk, which is usually utilized for softer female apparel, the US has imported more than 2 million tons and that is just for blouses. Other silks like Dupioni are used for more substantial commodities as drapes, comforters and even Car seat covers. These silk fabrics are double and triple weaved for thickness, yet still have that wonderful silk feel. The import of Dupioni silk has quadrupled in the past 10 years in the North American Geographical area. Dupioni silk sometimes gets confused with Georgette silk. This is due to the longer weave they both have, although they don’t look alike to the naked eye, the true silk aficionado can feel it.

One of the upcoming economic powers of silk is Indonesia. This largely Muslim nation has an Asian twang, when it comes to silk manufacturing and its economic effects on the country. Most of its silk is manufactured for clothing to Australia and New Zealand. These two countries use the geographic location to its advantage, by wholesaling it to the rim of Asia. 4 Billion US dollars are invested in the GNP for this nation. Silk drapes are huge in this part of the world, for manufacturing most of the west’s need for luxury in this category.

Lastly, without having silk in our economies, there is a 2% deficit in the world economies, as a whole. It is safe to say, where we would be without silk. For we are nations of need and want for sure.

Home Remedies and Usage of Potatoes for Skin Care

Potatoes have many uses in beauty. Being so cheap and readily available in Eastern Europe has been used in many recipes for natural beauty. It is not only good for your skin but also best for your daily nutrition because it contains carbohydrates that are very helpful for skinny people and gym guys for weight gaining.

1- Potatoes are used in beauty treatments

the raw potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties. They are rich in nutrients and contain some acids, enzymes, trace minerals and compounds that benefit health and skin. Boiled potatoes contain heavy calorie that is very good for weight gaining.

2- Skin Benefits of potatoes

It helps in recovering swollen bags under eyes due to sleep disorder and dark circles.

It also helps to shrink the tissues in the face which helps prevent skin looseness due to aging factors.

Potatoes helps to calm irritated skin due to summer sun light and beach air moisture that damage skin upper layer cause irritation.

Helps clean and clear the skin as the potato used in skin care is always used raw. Slices can be used in the game or grated potato.

Beauty remedies with potatoes: potatoes used in making homemade skin remedies like masks, slices and juices.

3- Potatoes Mask for skin

this mask can be used when the skin is irritated or sunburned, when many pimples, or to refresh and tone the facial skin. need half a potato or potato grated potato Apply clean face Let it set for 10 to 15 minutes then wash with warm water and apply moisturizer as usual If the pope is moving much you can put gauze or a towel on the face for him to stay in place. Some people use this mask twice a week to clear the skin.

4- Potatoes for skin dark circles

Put potato slices over the eyes and leave for 10 minutes. You can also put potato juice. Its acids, enzymes, trace minerals and compounds clean dark circles and make your skin healthy and smooth.

5- Treat Burned sun due to direct sunlight

You can use the juice from the grated potato on affected areas. Keep it on skin 10 to 15 minutes and wash do not dry with towel let it dry itself. Treat this kind of skin with care during applying masks and washing.


Do not use green potatoes because they contain small amounts of toxic substances that are not good for skin because of heavy acid.

What Hose Tights Are Acceptable Today?

Hose tights are still in their new package in your lingerie dresser drawer called unmentionables, but you are waiting for the right time to wear them out in public. You are worried if the young girls will snicker or the old ladies roll their eyes at the hosiery on your legs. Is this what you are thinking?

I sometimes forget the nervousness other females might feel when deciding when is the right time to wear hose tights with the present trend being bare legs, since everyone locally knows I wear hosiery with everything daily. Then the thought hit me, what is acceptable by the standards today so you can test the waters in your area.

Tights Hose Acceptable

• Black Opaque tights or pantyhose

• Footless tights

• Sheer black pantyhose

It goes without saying any hose tights in black are acceptable by females of all age groups with business wear, skirts, jean shorts, etc. They are classic and will never go out of style thank goodness.. So slip into a nice high end pair of Wolford Tights or if you need some extra help firming up those legs, Spanx high end waisted tights..your legs will demand attention the next time out in public.

Do not get the negative responses while out in public, it is a herd mentality to follow fashion. I have so many ladies when by their selves, will come up to me and ask what kind of pantyhose I have on and where can they get a pair. That is because I only purchase the high end hosiery made in Europe that can be found in high end department stores or on line in places like eBay. No one wants to be picked on for liking hosiery, so in groups you will not find anyone responding positively. Now with that being said, I get way more positive reactions than negative.

Next acceptable types of hosiery are the footless leggings in a variety of colors, with black again being the favorite and most noticed in public. Young women wear them with jean shorts and skirts, ladies layer them under long tops or sweaters. Just be careful as to how opaque they are, when picking out a sexy pair to wear out. I once saw a lady in a pair that were like a sheer black pair of support pantyhose, you could see her black thong underneath them….bless her heart! Hose tights or footless leggings must be opaque if that is the only accessory you are wearing on your legs.

Sheer shimmery off black pantyhose rock for evening events or special occasions with a companion. Is not it amazing if they are white, taupe of coffee you will get looks sometime from others, but if they are black or off black it is considered normal everyday wear, go figure!

“These pantyhose should only be worn with classic outfits such as the classic mini black evening gown and then watch the men eat out of your hand or should I say Stiletto? heehe…”

Just as Dolly Pardon does not worry about what others think of her wearing sexy outfits, platforms and hosiery…you should stop worrying what others think of you and make a statement by regularly wearing tights and pantyhose to show off those lovely legs of yours.

WARNING: “Did you not know that tights hose make average legs look hot, hot legs look awesome and awesome legs look stunning?” Then make your mind up and pick a pair out now tights hose.