The Best Leather Satchels

The Ruitertassen collection of leather satchels and briefcases lay claim to being the leading brand in this field. Estabished in Belgium in 1927, this range has been a favourite for generations of buyers throughout Europe. The products are famous for their durability. The life time use often exceeds twenty years. Many have been handed down the family over time, and now there are various internet auctions you’ll often see Ruitertassen bags getting sold on as cherished antiques. Those old leather satchels and cases really can have another time around when the quality is there. In the past the satchel design has always been popular for school use.

Recently the Cambridge Satchel Company has re-created the look into the “must-have” accessory item of the past few years. Choose from a myriad of colours and sizes in every fashion outlet you pass. They’re even on sale in Tate Modern! Ruitertassen has enjoyed it’s own resurgence with this trend, but when the craze moves on, this brand will carry on as before.

What makes them so special?

First and foremost the leather is sourced from one of Belgium’s leading tanneries, using local hides. These are a minimum 2.5 mm gauge, which is thick but supple. All the zips and components are selected for their quality and that durability factor.

Secondly the designs have not really changed over time. If you get it right in the first place, then that’s what you maintain. The result is an exceptionally well-engineered product. The market for these classic briefcases and satchels is primarily teachers and students, and they are much favoured by doctors and lawyers, and generally any professional who carries a cargo of their work with them. With the arrival of computers many styles in the range were re-specified to include sturdy protection sleeves for laptops.

Also a number of items have the option of attaching straps to make a briefcase or satchel into a backpack. This is a very useful feature as commuting by cycle is becoming increasingly popular. Ruitertassen is unique in producing a complete range of spares for the brand. Having used a bag for years, customers can come back for replacement straps or buckles when the need eventually arises. With prices for adult styles in the £130 to £250 band [ US $ 200 – $400 ] these products offer great value as a product investment, and remember, you can always sell them on or hand them down!

United Colors of Benetton

The classic colors of Benetton have long been quite the favorite of so many people all over the world. To date, Benetton is now the largest manufacturer of clothing items all over Europe. It has also become the largest consumer of wool all over the world when it comes to the garment sector. The company has found much success but we must note that it was not an easy road. We can tell by the story of Benetton’s success humble beginnings.

In 1955, the eldest amongst the Benetton children, Luciano Benetton, perceived a market potential for colorful clothes. He was only 20 years of age and was working as a salesman in Treviso. Because he saw this market potential, he decided to sell a bicycle belonging to a younger brother so that he could purchase a used knitting machine. With this used piece of equipment, he started creating sweaters. Seeing that these sweaters were welcomed by stores all over Veneto, Italy, Luciano then invited his sister and his brothers to join him in his venture.

It was in 1968 when the Benettons opened their first ever store, in Belluno. A year after that, they also opened a store in Paris. Luciano was the acting chairman while Giberto headed administrative affairs. Carlo, on the other hand, handled production. The chief designer position was then assigned to Giuliana. Luciano’s meeting with Flavio Briatore soon led to the company’s expansion to the US market. They started with just 5 stores in the year 1979, but in 10 short years, this figure rose to 800 through aggressive franchise agreements.

The company’s clothing line continued to be its lifeline, with its casual line dubbed as United Colors of Benetton. Initially, Benetton’s product line included casual wear, leisurewear, street wear, men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, and underwear. However, over the years, Benetton perceived much potential in expanding their product lines. Pretty soon, Benetton covered toiletries, watches, baby products, household items, and perfume as well.

Colors of Benetton for Women has indeed captured the fancy of a lot of women all over the world. What makes it even more popular is the fact that it can also be bought online. Sport Cologne by Benetton for Men has garnered a huge population in the market as well.

Thomas Sabo – History

Thomas Sabo was initially developed in Germany and the Thomas Sabo Charm Club Collection is now renowned all over the world. This jewelry spread across Europe side and the United States in initial years. It was in the year 1984 that this fashion valuable metals silver jewelry brand was found by self made man Thomas Sabo. In a picture which happens to be the sole picture of Thomas riding a motorbike, he gives a look of a heavy rock-and-roll singer with hair which are curled and he adorn his look with a jacket and a pair of sharp-head boots.

Thomas Sabo established his own jewelry company. The headquarters of the company was located in a historical town of Bavaria this company stood out for its quality in silver jewelry and with an extraordinary quality of design from the very beginning. In addition to designing of silver ornaments, Thomas Sabo’s interest also lies in music and hence rock & roll spirit happened to be the design topic of the products in quite a few time of year.

The retailers kept ordering volumes for the jewelry with every fair trade. It was at this time that the silver jewelry was obtained anonymously. It was this time that Sabo decided to start a brand of his own. This was primarily around late 1980’s. Designer Susanne Kolbli services were secured as the company’s creative director, in early 1990. Many customers were won over for this jewelry brand due to the successful cooperation of both of them jointly.

The brand developed its own distinctive way, a distinguishing face due to constant support and designs by both of them. They had an eye for detail, an amazing compassion for the material and a sixth sense for fashions and trends. A complete new segment was created for the market because of this.

Looking at the amazing success achieved, by the end of 1990 his company determined to establish retail outlets of its own. Throughout Asia, Europe and America exclusive stores, sales agencies and shops were set in different countries in rapid succession. Thomas Sabo changed from being a secretive protection of fashion insiders to getting developed as a well-built, globally acknowledged brand.

The most popular collection of Thomas Sabo Charm Club Collection was originated with the creative director Susanne Kolbli’s idea. Today fashion has more freedom than ever before. There are diverse trends all over and so is their collection.

The collection of jewellery and watches suit almost all diverse outfits and occasions which covers business attire, festive clothing, and casual-look clothing. The different collections can be united, or enhance each other’s look.

Twice a year fresh ideas are floated in the collection. These new ideas of jewelry are launched every spring as well as autumn in correspondence with the foremost international fashion shows in Milan, London, Paris and New York.

The history of Thomas Sabo has been quite an interesting one and gives you an amazing choice with different styles and designs of jewelry offered by Thomas Sabo Charm Club Collection to choose from.